What if we forget socks?

No worries! We sell socks for $1.50 in case your child slips out of the house without them.

Do you charge for a 3-year-old to bounce?

Yes, we do.

What if I’m not sure if my 3-year-old will actually bounce?

If you are unsure if your child will actually bounce, we will allow them to test it out for a few minutes before you pay. Just to make sure!

Do you allow 2-year-olds to bounce?

We do, as long as the child’s parent believes he/she will do fine on his/her own around any other children bouncing at the time.

Are adults allowed in the bouncers?

No. We understand that at other bounce houses adults are allowed in the bouncers with their children, but at Shipwreck we do not allow adults in the bouncers with the kids.